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spline broach

Spline broaching is a manufacturing process that involves the use of a special cutting tool called a spline broach. These types of broaches are required for creating internal splines in components. Such type of broaches is generally used in manufacturing components like ring gear, carriers, clutch, etc. Material like HSS M2, HSS M35, HSS M42 is used for manufacturing spline broaches depending upon broaching length, component harness & component material. Spline broaches with required DIN standards are manufactured by us. We also offer resharpening services for all spline broaches.


We carry the capacity of manufacturing spline broach of Dia.250mm X Length 2500mm Long.

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  • What is Spline Broaching ?
    Spline broaching is done to create a series of ridges or teeth around the opening of a pre-cut hole. It is used to create straight. With this method involute, straight or serrated splines can be created on component. For example, the automotive sector extensively relies on spline broaches to produce driveshaft and gearbox parts, among other automobile parts.
  • How are splines made on broaches?
    Splines are made on broaches using grinding wheels that have been prepared to the required profile. By securely connecting various parts, a spline's grooves enable the effective transfer of torque.
  • What are type of spline broaches?
    Spline broaches can be classified in three types i.e. Involute spline broaches, straight spline broaches & Serration spline broaches. These classifications are done on basis of their profile.
  • Spline broaches quality standards?
    We manufacture spline broaches as per international standards i.e. Din 5480, 5482, ANSI, etc. Our spline broaches are manufactured on precision grinding machines maintaining their highest quality and long life.
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