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Vertical Broaching Machine

Vertical broaching machines are used in multiple operations since they reduce the dimensional errors and gives the best broaching results. We have manufactured vertical hydraulic broaching machine up to 30 Ton X 2000mm Stroke. There are three models available, pull down, pull up and push down

Our broaching machines are highly appreciated all over India because of our robust and sturdy design. They are equipped with a casting base & a robust slide design for easy operations for holder removal or maintenance. So, they are stable and create very few vibrations comparatively to others. We provide auto lubrication to the slide throughout the life which achieves long life for the machine. Our broaching machines are aligned to the highest accuracy to get best broaching results.




  • Oil level Indicator

  • Digital Oil Temperature Indicator

  • Fault Indicator Lamp

  • Load Indicator

  • Broach Cleaning Brush

Additional Facilities

  • Hydraulic Oil Chilling Unit

  • Magnetic Chip Remover

  • Coolant Filtration Unit

  • Load Indicator

  • Safety Curtain

Preventing Broach from Damage:

Automatic cycle stop in case of any miss alignment of broach or component, by sensing load on broach. Through we elimates the broach from any damage and also can set resharpening cycle for better broach life.

Customize the machine to achieve highest Broaching accuracy :

2 Station Machine and Automatic Job Loading & Unloading.

Industry 4.0

As per customer requirement we now provide industry 4.0 unit with our broaching machine. Which results into OEE Monitoring, Maintenance Scheduling, Alerts Generation, Tool Consumption, Feed Monitoring, Downtime Reasons.

Industry 4.0

CNC Vertical Broaching Machines

These type of broaching machines reduce all the factors affecting production loss. They come with required type of servo motor according to tonnage and component.


 Advantage of CNC Vertical Broaching Machine :

  • Power saving

  • Increase in production and cycle time

  •  Very few reasons affecting production

  •  Saves floor space

  • Clean surrounding

  •  Precision Broaching as compared to hydraulic broaching machine

  • Useful for mass production

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  • What is Spline Broaching ?
    Spline broaching is done to create a series of ridges or teeth around the opening of a pre-cut hole. It is used to create straight. With this method involute, straight or serrated splines can be created on component. For example, the automotive sector extensively relies on spline broaches to produce driveshaft and gearbox parts, among other automobile parts.
  • How are splines made on broaches?
    Splines are made on broaches using grinding wheels that have been prepared to the required profile. By securely connecting various parts, a spline's grooves enable the effective transfer of torque.
  • What are type of spline broaches?
    Spline broaches can be classified in three types i.e. Involute spline broaches, straight spline broaches & Serration spline broaches. These classifications are done on basis of their profile.
  • Spline broaches quality standards?
    We manufacture spline broaches as per international standards i.e. Din 5480, 5482, ANSI, etc. Our spline broaches are manufactured on precision grinding machines maintaining their highest quality and long life.


1 What is broaching ?

Broaching is a machining operation that removes material in a consistent and accurate manner using a toothed tool. Linear and rotary broaching services are used to generate different sorts of machining finishes, however production broaching is normally only employed for precise applications and high-volume manufacturing.

2  What is lead time of machine?

Normally, it takes 30 days to manufacture broaching machine, depending upon availability of materials and type of machine. But it takes 60 days for complicated machines.

3  What are safety features on machine?

As per customers request our machines are provided with safety curtains, Full body cover cage & safety programs to ensure maximum operator safety during the operation.

4  Up to how much hardness broaching can be done?

When the product's hardness is less than HRC 25, the tool life is good. When the hardness exceeds HRC 25, the tool life is severely diminished. Broaching is not advised if the hardness exceeds HRC 32.

5  What is the machine base made of steel or casting?

Our machine base are made of casting, which reduces maximum vibration during the broaching operation and to maintain long life of the machine.

6  What is voltage of machine?

Voltage of machine is 3 phase, 220 V. It can be changed as per customer’s requirement.

7  Do you provide on site installation, operator training & trials after the dispatch of machine?

Yes. We proved out trial of the component before dispatching the machine. We provide on site commissioning and assembly of machine, the required training is provide to the operators and trials are taken.

8  Do you arrange to show live demo of your existing machine in working?

Yes. After having discussion with the customer we provide live demo of the existing machine in working

9  Our variety of jobs are more but the batch quantity is less. Do you provide solution for reducing setting time of the component?

Yes. In such case we provide modifications and fixture’s on the top plate to reduce setting time of the components.

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